About Me

My Background


  • Majored in Fine Art with degree in Interior design.
  • Created large murals, produced Commissioned paintings, as well as art on furniture
  • Attended numerous  workshops
  • Owned a Art gallery,  exhibited in a variety of art shows and galleries

My Medium

Acrylic Paintings

  • Acrylic is the medium I have used the most and is my favorite. 
  • Acrylic dries quickly and the drying rate can be easily managed when required  
  • Acrylic allows me to create and control texture
  • Acrylic can be applied to a wide array of materials 

My Inspiration


  • Nature as a whole
  • Relationship between Light, Shadow, Color and Texture
  • Creating pet portraits is a special process 
  • Stories I am told about the loving bond between owner and their” furry Best Friend” inspires me to reflect that in paint